September 26, 2021

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  • 1:00pm All The Way Home by 浪漫晚餐 on 浪漫晚餐20
  • 1:22pm Found You by Exnations on Found You (EXNATIONS)
  • 1:26pm Inner Cry by Rubblebucket on Sun Machine (Grand Jury Music)
  • 1:29pm Those Nights by Bastille on Distantimavicini- Social distancing (UMG – UMG Recordings, Inc.)
  • 1:34pm Cyrano De Berger’s Back by X on Delta 88 Nightmare / Cyrano De Berger’s Back (Fat Possum)
  • 1:37pm Save Tonight by Eagle-Eye Cherry on Rocktober 2010 (Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax)
  • 1:41pm Heart of a Dancer by The Happy Fits on Concentrate (MERLIN – The Happy Fits Records)
  • 1:45pm You Sang To Me (Album Version) by Marc Anthony on Marc Anthony (Columbia)
  • 1:45pm Light of the Muse by Medium Underground on Second Sight (Medium Underground)
  • 1:51pm What Was Lost Was Found by Modern Nomad on Nostalgia (MERLIN – Modern Nomad)
  • 1:54pm Overgrown by Little Lungs on Better in Blue (Little Lungs)
  • 1:57pm For Your Love by The Yardbirds on Eric Clapton: Life In 12 Bars (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (UMC (Universal Music Catalogue))
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